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Hello, ladies! Are you tired of playing small and catering to the haters? Are you ready to take up space, speak your mind, and dream out loud? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to empower you to live your best life and give you eight ways to deal with the haters. For […]

8 Ways to Deal with the Haters

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clever ways to save money for families

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I’m back with more money-saving hacks for families, and this time I asked my girlfriends to join me. In this edition of The Panel, four moms who live in one of Canada’s most expensive areas share clever ways to save money. You may also enjoy 9 Cheap Family Fun Activities in the Fraser Valley. Get […]

12 Clever Ways to Save Money- Featuring The Panel

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With the rising cost of living, we are working hard to keep costs down this year. If you’re also staying close to home, but don’t want to sacrifice fun, here are nine cheap family fun activities. Ice Skating Skating is cheap family fun at its finest. We often forget to check out the public skate […]

9 Cheap Family Fun Activities in the Fraser Valley

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In May 2020, my privilege as a middle-class white woman suddenly became crystal clear. I am embarrassed that I had been asleep to the issues surrounding racialized communities my entire life. At that moment, I promised to do better and start my education on raising an anti-racist family. You can read my initial realization, Am […]

How to Raise An Anti-Racist Family

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It’s all about the perspective, they say. If you practice gratitude, you can decrease your anxiety… well, I call bull shit.  Do you know what happened to me when the world constantly tells us if you were just more grateful your anxiety wouldn’t be an issue?  I felt shameful about being so negative. I began […]

Why I Started Anti-Anxiety Medication

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benefits of exposing kids to the arts

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Did you know exposing your kids to the theatre can create more creative, empathetic humans, encourage growth and inspire their minds? Not to mention you’ll feel like a rock star parent for finding such a clever way to combine fun and education. You, parenting genius, you! 😘 If you’re looking for a unique way to […]

7 Benefits to Exposing Your Kids to Theatre

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⁣⁣Strong women have always complicated my life. Lesley Lambert and I struggled endlessly for control of our girl group when we were 12. My sister and I continue our power struggles to this day. I tormented my junior high best friend, Kelly, because she felt like a competition. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Kelly Fraser was beautiful inside and out. […]

Tale of a Reformed Mean Girl

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