The 10 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids


Christine Coughlin



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Keeping up with the latest apps that kids can use to put themselves at risk can feel like a full-time job.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous apps for kids regarding internet safety. Let me know in the comments if I need to include any others. Stay safe out there!

  1. Whisper: This anonymous social media app may seem fun, but it can expose kids to inappropriate content and cyberbullying.
  2. YOLO: An app that allows anonymous questions, which can lead to hurtful messages and negativity.
  3. Calculator%: Disguised as an innocent calculator, this app is a secret vault for hiding private photos and videos.
  4. MeetMe: While marketed as a social discovery app, it can expose kids to strangers and unsafe interactions.
  5. Snapchat: As far as I’m concerned, Snapchat is the devil. Kids feel safe because they think the messages disappear, but it’s very simple to save messages. The app also includes a map that, if not set up correctly, can show the exact location of your child!
  6. TikTok: While entertaining, it’s like inviting any weirdo with a camera into your kid’s life. It can expose them to inappropriate content and potential online predators.
  7. Tinder: A dating app intended for adults that poses risks for underage users seeking social validation.
  8. Kik: Known for anonymous messaging, this app can be a hotbed for cyberbullying and inappropriate conversations.
  9. Omegle: A random chat app where users interact with strangers, exposing kids to potential dangers.
  10. Holla: This video chat app can inadvertently connect kids with strangers and expose them to explicit content.

Remember, parents, knowledge is power! The more you familiarize yourself with these apps, the better equipped you are to guide your kids through their online journey safely.

So, let’s embark on this digital adventure with our young explorers, armed with love, trust, and a dash of humour. Together, we’ll conquer the digital world and build a safer, brighter online future for our children! Happy surfing! 🌐🚀


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She is the creator of the Rise & Monetize Creator Summit and the co-founder of YVR Moms Creative. Christine is passionate about female empowerment and advocating for maternal mental health. She loves all adventures on the water or in the forest and connecting with other open-hearted, lifelong learners.

  1. Oduenyi says:

    Thanks for this list Christine. My daughter has been begging me to install snapchat and my response has been let me do my research. What I have found so far has not been to my liking. Thanks for a list of apps to watch out for. Hard to keep up these days with apps coming out everyday.

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