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Want to see something weird? ⁣⁣Put me in a room full of cool girls and strong women. Things will get strange quickly. It will definitely get sweaty, and I’ll either start talking gibberish or not at all. ⁣ The Cool Girl Run-In I recently ran into Brianne Jell, “The Cool Girl,” from my high school. […]

Interview with a High-School “Cool Girl”

Interview with Brianne Riches by Christine Coughlin


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Christine Coughlin and husband sit on a bench at Whonnock Lake

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A Tale of Life After, Happily Ever After. There once was an introvert. He loved peaceful days, gardening, and occasionally playing sports with buddies. He did not enjoy talking about feelings. ⁣⁣This introvert was married to an extrovert who loved nothing more than planning big parties, connecting with all the people, and long in-depth talks […]

Opposites Attract, But How Do They Survive?

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⁣⁣Strong women have always complicated my life. Lesley Lambert and I struggled endlessly for control of our girl group when we were 12. My sister and I continue our power struggles to this day. I tormented my junior high best friend, Kelly, because she felt like competition. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Kelly Fraser was beautiful inside and out. She […]

Tale of a Reformed Mean Girl

photograph of a beautiful girl smiling at the camera surrounded by vintage clock faces

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