In 2019, after a severe outbreak of psoriasis and other health issues in my family, I realized I had to stop living by other people's rules and start listening to what my heart and soul needed. At that moment is when I heard the call to write.

I quickly realized releasing my shameful little secrets into the world not only made me feel lighter and more free, but it also allowed others to say, "Me too" and opened me to deeper, more meaningful connections. I was hooked. 

I write about the awkward phase between knowing you want more and figuring out what that is, learning to stand up to self-doubt, busy culture, and putting ourselves last. (Repeat after me, self-care is family care.)
My dream is to connect with other women who are courageously expressing themselves, share perspectives, and uplift each other as we create lives we don't want to run away from. 

The world needs us to listen to the whispers, start before we're ready and be each other's biggest cheerleaders. 

Are you in?

Heart-led alignment with an emphasis on compassion and life-long-learning.

Meet Christine

why hello!

xx Christine

All vibes, welcome.

(Except judgey jerks, you can go
and come back when you grow.) 

Something adventurous in the woods or on the water & a slow day in the garden with my love. 

perfect weekend

I can't be in my house without playing music. Classic rock rocks my world. 

sweet caroline

Let them run free, and get dirty. Basically, keep it simple, except for the celebrations. That's where I "bring it." 

mom style

To this day, my Mom calls me, Toad. She insists the nickname was given before she saw my giant eyes.
The Zen part is purely aspirational. 

zen toad

I live on the West Coast of Canada with my husband, our three kids and our approx. 1 million plant babies.

Still here?

Best Parenting Tip: When in doubt ask yourself, “What would Daniel Tiger's mom do?”

Our last name is pronounced, Cog-Lin, not Cough-Lin.

Our house is 19 years old, and we are making it our dream home one project at a time. Check out our progress here.

I dream in parties and live to make life magical for my people. I've recently learned not to kill myself in the process. Nobody likes a bitter/resentful Christine. Click here for party inspiration and time saving hacks. 

I went to pastry school in 2011 and then started a baking company. I quickly realized unless you come from my womb, I'm not interested in decorating for you. I will however share recipes I love. Click here for those. 

some more fun facts:


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