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Opposites Attract, But How Do They Survive?


Christine Coughlin


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A Tale of Life After, Happily Ever After.

There once was an introvert. He loved peaceful days, gardening, and occasionally playing sports with buddies. He did not enjoy talking about feelings. ⁣

This introvert was married to an extrovert who loved nothing more than planning big parties, connecting with all the people, and long in-depth talks about feelings. ⁣

Their differences caused tension in their marriage at times. ⁣Eventually, over their 13-year relationship, they got better at recognizing the familiar old pattern.⁣

They joked that maybe they should buy a bell to signal when the pattern had popped up again. ⁣

The Way Forward

They both valued their marriage, so they worked hard to give each other what they needed. ⁣

The extrovert tried not to feel guilty when she disappeared for adventures with her friends, made sure to protect the slow days her husband so desperately needed and found a community to help her explore all the feelings.⁣

It baffled the introvert why anyone would want to share their life so openly, but he loved his extrovert, so he supported her, grounded her and did his best to learn his new role as an Insta-husband. ⁣

It’s not differences that kill relationships. It’s indifference. No marriage is perfect, but together they worked to achieve balance. ⁣

Are you and your partner a combo or a matched set?⁣
A) Introvert/Extrovert⁣
B) Extrovert/Extrovert⁣
C) Introvert/Introvert⁣
D) Other⁣

  1. Tania Lang says:

    All marriages I think need a bell! Loved this post- thanks for sharing.

    • Christine Coughlin says:

      I agree! Every newly married couple should get a bell and a copy of the book “Five Love Languages.”😅

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