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Being the logistics manager for tiny humans can make you believe nag is your default setting. Don’t believe the lies!⁣My mantra, for when life throws all the potty training accidents, the uncertainty of raising my kids during a global pandemic and sleepless nights at me, goes as follows:⁣⁣I love my kids; ⁣I love my kids, […]

A Mantra for Exhausted Moms

a mantra for exhausted moms, christine coughlin


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Christine Coughlin

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Last month, Christine called her husband (who was away for work) and couldn’t stop crying. Through tears, she said, “This isn’t working for me or our kids.” The “this” she was referring to is her stay-at-home-mom life—the life she’s been living for the last eight years. “Every bit of me wanted to be a mother, […]

The Women We Know: Feature

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A Tale of Life After, Happily Ever After. There once was an introvert. He loved peaceful days, gardening, and occasionally playing sports with buddies. He did not enjoy talking about feelings. ⁣⁣This introvert was married to an extrovert who loved nothing more than planning big parties, connecting with all the people, and long in-depth talks […]

Opposites Attract, But How Do They Survive?

Christine Coughlin and husband sit on a bench at Whonnock Lake

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