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The Rise and Monetize Creators Summit for Creative Female Entrepreneurs

Christine Coughlin created the Rise and Monetize Creators Summit to help empower female entrepreneurs to reach their full potential using digital marketing to support their families and feel fulfilled in their careers.

Christine collaborated with 13 Greater Vancouver female entrepreneurs and business experts and created a speaker lineup of local brands, PR agencies, established content creators and business services that support creators.

The main takeaways of the summit were to empower creative female entrepreneurs to 10x their confidence, understand their worth and teach them how to capture the attention of brands and clients so they could monetize their platforms more quickly.

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Christine Coughlin’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

The Power of Imperfect Action: Insider Tips for Starting Before You’re Ready and Achieving Your Goals

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Kyla Getty-CoHost

For Kyla, creativity is everything. It’s not only at the heart of her lifestyle media career and essential to mom/wife life, but it’s also how she finds self-care. Her brand speaks to ‘Everyday Beautiful Living’ through editorial content, video, and real-life sharing on her digital platforms. It’s about feel-good gratitude as we take note of the beauty in the everyday. It’s also an invitation to embrace your creative power, urging you to craft a uniquely beautiful and happy life! Paint your goals, style your look, design your spaces and sculpt your relationships with love. 

Her formal education in graphic design catalyzed a 20+ year career, including the Creative Director’s seat at an advertising agency. In 2009, she founded Gett Creative Inc. and has since designed and published over 100 magazine issues. She co-founded the noteworthy ‘I Like Her Style Vancouver’ and has created and hosted charity galas, networking groups, and social clubs for women. Today, Kyla enjoys styling life from her home in the burbs, spending weekends at the lake, exploring the Lower Mainland and sprinkling in some big city adventures! 

Kyla Getty’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

From Dream to Doer: Living Creatively Through the Chapters of Your Life

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Monika Hibbs

Monika Hibbs is a lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, and creator known for her expertise in home decor, entertaining, and creating memorable experiences. She inspires others to cultivate a joyful and fulfilling life through her blog, book, online home store, and photography.

Monika Hibbs’ Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

The Next Level: Expert Insights on Taking Your Business Further Than Social Media and Reaching New Heights

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Kaya Marriott

Kaya Marriott is a Vancouver-based creator passionate about building community and telling stories. Starting as a Natural Hair blogger in 2016, her platform has expanded to include lifestyle content, beauty tips, and practical advice for fellow creators, allowing her to partner with world-renowned brands like Google, Pinterest, Adobe, Olay, and COVERGIRL. 

Kaya Marriott’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Empowering Microbloggers: Discovering Your Value, Pricing Your Work and Securing Deals.

Where to Find Kaya Marriott

Creating with Kaya
Comfy Girl with Curls



Asia Crawford

Asia is the Mom of two sweet girls. Her content and blog revolve around Motherhood and Travelling and her favourite ways to save money as a family.

Asia Crawford’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Creation.

Where to Find Asia Crawford


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Jennifer Stafford

Local Mom and solopreneur behind The Sweet Life Apparel & the Local Love Pop-Up market. A portion of all sales is donated to the community through the SHARE food bank and Sweet Life Bursary at Douglas College.

Jennifer Strafford’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Small Business, Big Impact: Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing.

Where to Find Jennifer Stafford


Preeti Dhadda

Preeti is a Social Media Manager and Strategist who helps creators and service-based businesses curate content that builds their brand and converts.

Preeti Dhadda’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Social Media for Service-Based Businesses: Expert Insights on Boosting Your Visibility and Attracting Ideal Clients.

Where You Can Find Preeti Dhadda


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Samantha Lenz/Slap Communication

Samantha is a copywriter and journalist by trade, turned PR & communications extraordinaire. When she’s not busy writing or working on content, she is consumed with many tantrums, diaper changes, and cold cups of coffee raising her two young kids. With many degrees ranging from English to the Liberal Arts, Sam is ready to take on the world one keystroke at a time. With over a 100 wpm skill set… it’s no surprise she has a way with words!

Samantha Lenz’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Inside the World of PR: Expert Advice on Navigating Agencies and Building Your Brand.

Where You Can Find Samantha Lenz/ Slap Communications

Slap Communications Website:

Slap Communications Instagram:

Danielle Connor

Danielle is a brand and website designer. She attended Vancouver’s renowned Emily Carr University of Art and Design and has worked with dozens of brands, from entrepreneurs to corporations. But Danielle isn’t just creative—she has a perfectionist’s eye, making her websites pixel-perfect.

Danielle Connor’s Rise and Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

The Power of Personal Branding and the Importance of Owning Your Platform. 

Where You Can Find Danielle


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Melissa Rodgers

Melissa is an established Online Business Educator and founder of Self-Made Mama, a coaching & consulting brand that provides accessible, impactful education and support to entrepreneurial moms and caregivers. With a decade of online marketing experience and a background in corporate project management and program development, Melissa is known for her grounded, honest approach to teaching Online Business and the genuine support and care she offers her clients and students. 

Melissa Rodger’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Transforming Your Business: Insider Insights on Embracing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leveraging Email Marketing.

Where You Can Find Melissa Rodgers


Brooklyn Dinesen

Brooklyn helps business owners and content creators grow organically on TikTok and Instagram.

Brooklyn Dinesen’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

TikTok Triumph: Insider Secrets to Growing Your Creator or Business Account

Where To Find Brooklyn Dinesen


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Stefanie Vassos

Stef is a writer and marketing professional whose corporate background evolved into her own business, helping independents grow their brands. She’s the Mom of Vivienne and the sweetest Mexican rescue pup, Ralf.

Stefanie Vasso’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

The Human Behind the Lens: Build Your Confidence on Camera to Create Authentic Connections and a Loyal Customer Base.

Where to Find Stefanie Vassos

biz. broadworld.co

Arlene Panganiban

Arlene Panganiban is the new owner of VancouverMom.ca, with a background in Marketing and Sales and a passion for connecting with like-minded individuals in the Vancouver community to help grow the website.

Arlene Panganiban’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

From Corporate to Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Starting VancouverMom.ca

Where To Find Arlene Panganiban


Codi Lynn

Codi Lynn is a graphic designer turned full-time Instagrammer/blogger. She started her business while being home with a 5-year-old and 6-month-old, and I am happy to have it continue to thrive now with a 14-year-old, 9-year-old and 6-year-old.

Codi Lynn’s Rise & Monetize Creators Summit Interview Topic

Collaborate to Succeed: How to Create Win-Win Partnerships and Secure Brand Deals

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Click here to purchase the Rise & Monetize Creators Summit recordings.

About the Author

Christine lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband, their three kids and approximately one million plant babies.

She is the creator of the Rise & Monetize Creator Summit and the founder of YVR Creatives. Christine is passionate about female empowerment and advocating for maternal mental health. She loves all adventures on the water or in the forest and connecting with other open-hearted, lifelong learners.

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