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Amrit Heer is the Vancouver lifestyle and fashion blogger at She Wears Love. She is the mother of three and models with Liz Bell Agency. Amrit is kind as she is stunning. Her goal with She Wears Love is to inspire women to follow their dreams while raising their babies, which is definitely a goal I can get behind!

Learn more about Amrit’s journey to becoming a full-time content creator and some of her tips to help you along the way.

Amrit Heer Beyond the Surface

How old are your kids? 

Ethan 6
Liam 3
Madison would have been 7

The Modern Village

What support do you have? Family, cleaners, nanny? 

We don’t have much support, which makes things really busy. We do all the cooking and cleaning. I don’t have a nanny, but we have had a cleaner come in occasionally when things get super busy! My Mom helps with the kids sometimes when I have time-sensitive deadlines! 

Amrit Heer on Being a Full-time Content Creator

Why did you become a content creator? 

I have always been interested in fashion and beauty since I started modelling in my teens. I saw so much backstage that I thought sharing would be cool, but I never did. As I grew up and life happened, I also knew I wanted to talk about my story of child loss. It took me a while to open up, but I wanted a space to share my ups and downs, knowing others would also likely relate. I didn’t want to glamorize Motherhood, but I also wanted to share that it’s great to get dressed up and do what you love! 

Amrit Heer Vancouver Blogger She Wears Love

How long have you been a content creator? 

Four years! 

Do you have a job outside of content creation? 

I left my corporate job last year to create content full-time, and I love it! 

What do you love the most about being a content creator? 

Being able to share real life has always been super important to me. I wanted to create a space where others could come and feel related. I also wanted to inspire other Moms, as I know we can all get lost in Motherhood, but it’s also so important to be able to fill your cup. I also love Fashion and Beauty, so I wanted to share my love for those things! 

The connection has always been super important to me, and some of my most important relationships were built on Instagram! I love connecting with others online! I also find my DM’s are where a lot of the deeper conversations happen, and it’s so lovely to connect with others to whom you can relate. 

What do you struggle with the most about being a content creator? 

Constantly being on my phone! I try to set limits, and I’ve gotten better, but I also find myself constantly picking up my phone. I also find it hard to keep up with all the changes that come with being a creator! (New apps, new features, etc.)

How did you learn to make such excellent video content? 

Oh, what a compliment! I actually think I can do so much more, but I also know that I am in a season of Motherhood where my littles need me constantly, so I do what I can, and I am okay with that!  I find good lighting is key!! I also love CapCut to edit my reels as I find it easier than Instagram. 

Who helps you film or take photos? 

My husband helps with my photos and some of my reels. If it’s a bigger campaign, I hire professionals! I sometimes use my tripod if I need to take my own photos. I film my own GRWM reels. 

Do you ever feel imposter syndrome? 

Oh yes, I used to feel this a ton when I first started. I’ve been so great the last couple of years of knowing and being content with the value I bring, and that has helped a ton with my confidence and sticking to my lane!

What is your favourite collaboration you’ve ever done? and why? 

My favourite recently was with Hasbro, as I got to shoot it with my kids. It’s a ton of work, but having these video memories is amazing. I also LOVE working with Amazon Canada. They took me on my first brand trip, and that was a huge dream of mine! 

What are your must-have tools for creating content? 

A tripod, a good iPhone camera, a ring light and honestly, just confidence! 

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What advice would you give someone just starting as a content creator? 

Just start posting!! There is no one like you, and that is unique and special already! How you feel about yourself shows through the camera, so it’ll all work out if you go for it! Don’t compare yourself to others because brands always have a specific type of person they are looking for, so it’s nothing personal. Be genuinely supportive of others & find a group of people you can lean on when you’re not feeling it! 

Where to Find Amrit Heer

Instagram: @SheWearsLove
Amazon Store Front
Liz Bell Modelling Agency

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