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Tatum Blize is a woman with big dreams, a fearless style, and a magnetic personality. In this interview, she shares how she navigates motherhood, fulfillment, career and her dream of becoming a Vancouver Fashion Stylist. Tatum Blize, Beyond the Surface Tatum and I met the way many connections are made these days… on Instagram. After […]

Tatum Blize of Styled by Tatum

Tatum Blize Vancouver Personal Stylist

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Christine Coughlin smiling at the camera near a river

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It’s all about the perspective, they say. If you practice gratitude, you can decrease your anxiety… well, I call bull shit.  Do you know what happened to me when the world constantly tells us if you were just more grateful your anxiety wouldn’t be an issue?  I felt shameful about being so negative. I began […]

Why I Started Anti-Anxiety Medication

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Did you know exposing your kids to the theatre can create more creative, empathetic humans, encourage growth and inspire their minds? Not to mention you’ll feel like a rock star parent for finding such a clever way to combine fun and education. You, parenting genius, you! 😘 If you’re looking for a unique way to […]

7 Benefits to Exposing Your Kids to Theatre

benefits of exposing kids to the arts


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Briony Geldard West Coast Flying Trapeze Pitt Meadows

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Have you ever dreamt of running away and joining the circus instead of making one more dinner your kids will refuse to eat? Find out how West Coast Flying Trapeze helped this local mom overcome the depression of losing a parent, reignite her spark, land a dream part-time job, and get into the best shape […]

Briony Geldeard/ West Coast Flying Trapeze

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Are you looking for a flexible side-hustle that works around #momlife? Check out this list to help get your creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe your side hustle could even grow into your full-time hustle one day. 110 Side Hustle Ideas for Moms Enter your name and email address below, and 110 side hustle ideas […]

110 Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

110 side hustle ideas for moms

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Andrea and Carmen of Rosewood Event Design standing in front of wedding florals and event decor at a Fraser Valley wedding

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Have you ever wondered if event planning is a good job option for moms? Andrea and Carmen of Rosewood Event Design share how they decided to take the plunge and follow their passions, how they decided to partner up, and how they managed to start a successful event planning business during a pandemic. Prepare to […]

Andrea & Carmen from Rosewood Event Design

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The dreaded Pinterest Moms, you know the ones. They craft all the things, bake everything from scratch and generally make everyone else feel like crap for not doing the same. So annoying, am I right? The truth is from afar, and if you squint a little, I could be classified as a “Pinterest Mom,” so […]

Are Pinterest Moms the Enemy?

Christine Coughlin leaning on her kitchen island with a laptop in front of her, smiling at the camera

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Tamara Mowry-Housley and Paul Campbell are talking as they walk in front of a house that's decorated for Christmas

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Are you looking for a side-hustle that makes good money, includes paid vacations and comes with possible home improvements? If you said, “Ummm, yes, please!!” Grab your coffee, sit back and let me tell you how my dream side-hustle became a reality and everything you need to know about how to rent your home as […]

How to Rent Your Home as a Filming Location

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After years of running my mental health into the ground over the holidays, I realized I had to find another way to avoid passing the tradition of Mommy burnout onto my kids. I’ve been working hard to recalibrate our holidays so that I’m not broken come January and reached out to several local ladies and […]

Tips to Avoid Holiday Burn-out, Featuring The Panel

how to avoid holiday burnout

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

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We aren’t a gluten-free family, but this gluten-free chocolate brownie recipe is still one of my all-time favourites. I make these brownies year-round and always as part of my Christmas baking because everyone loves them. They freeze really well, so during the holiday season I always have a batch in the freezer so I can […]

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe