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Momma’s Lost Her Groove


Christine Coughlin

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A few months ago, I came across the quote, ” The opposite of depression is vitality.” ⁣

It resonated deeply for me because I had been working so hard to rediscover my zest for life. ⁣

Flash forward to this COVID world, and I can feel my vitality slipping away and my inner critic fighting to retake the lead.⁣

I’ve gone through my grocery list of needs to stay in a “good” place, but I’m so busy swimming in overwhelm that action feels daunting. ⁣

Mom’s Mental Health

I’m left wondering, what was the line between getting more exercise, meditating, working on my gut health, and getting myself on medication?⁣

How many bad days are too many? How many times should I wake up after a full night’s sleep feeling exhausted before I get help? ⁣

If you feel overwhelmed, indecisive, frustrated, or so damn tired, know I’m right here beside you. ⁣

My next call is to my therapist, although I can only take hearing “we are in a global pandemic, so go easy on yourself” so many times before I scream.⁣

The emotional waves of this pandemic are intense, please reach out if you need a life raft. ⁣

If you are struggling right now, please read this post.

In Solidarity, ⁣
Christine ⁣

Originally Posted to Instagram On August 5, 2020

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