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Mommy, Do You Love Me?


Christine Coughlin


Motherhood, Wellness

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When Maddie was tiny, she looked at me and asked: “Mommy, do you even love me?”
The question shattered me. I wanted to whisper to my sweet girl, “yes, baby, with all my heart, I love you, but mommy doesn’t value herself.” 
We can never prepare ourselves for how our kids will shine a floodlight on the areas our growth is most needed. 

Know Better, Do Better.

I’ve always prided myself on the compassion I extend to others. I didn’t realize my definition of compassion was incomplete if it didn’t include myself.
Our self-talk is a powerful indicator of how much we respect ourselves. Pay close attention to the chatter in your mind.

Would you talk to your kids or best friend that way? 
There are countless moments over the last nine years; I wish I could do-over. I also know I was doing my best at the moment, and I will never stop trying to get it right.
Whether you are a new momma or an experienced one, make sure to extend yourself a little compassion today. 



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