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A Mantra for Mothers who left the WorkForce


Christine Coughlin

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When I close my eyes at night, and my mind begins whirling with worry. ⁣

When the questions of my worth become highlighted in the darkness. ⁣

When the fear of not figuring out the next chapter stares down at me as I try to sleep. ⁣

With deep breathes, on repeat, until sleep comes, I remind myself.

“What is mine will find me.” ⁣

It’s a wish and an affirmation. It steadies my heart and reminds me to stop the rush and remember the plan. ⁣

I choose to stay at home with my kids. ⁣
⁣This time is not forever, it is for now. ⁣

I will work to stay present with them now. ⁣
⁣I will miss this when it’s gone.⁣
What is mine will find me.

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