Iyla Coughlin sits on top of a Hello Fresh food delivery box on the front door step with a big smile on her face

Is Hello Fresh Worth the Cost? A Very Honest Review.


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Have you ever wondered if Hello Fresh is worth the cost? As a family that’s used Hello Fresh meal delivery services on and off for years, we get asked this question all the time.

The short answer for us is yes. We believe that Hello Fresh is worth the cost because it has helped us immensely when we have new babies or are just generally overwhelmed by life.

Hello Fresh is a premium service, and the costs do add up. That being said, when we are in the weeds, we are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to meal plan or ever thinking about the dreaded “What’s for Dinner?” and knowing that we won’t be living off freezer meals.

Hello Fresh Review: Reasons We Love Hello Fresh

When people ask if Hello Fresh is worth the cost, this is what I tell them we love about Hello Fresh.

Helps Ease Transitions

Hello Fresh can help you get through a tough season in life. We’ve used it when we’re having babies, for transitions in work or even when we are on vacation or returning from vacation.

Flavourful Dishes

Of all the meal delivery services we have used, I really love the Hello Fresh recipes. They work really hard to build the flavour in each dish.

Good Variety

They have a good selection of healthy and less healthy options, they also offer vegetarian options.

Shared Labour

It makes it very easy to share the meal prep duties in a family because anyone can grab the bag and recipe card and follow the directions to make dinner.

Fun Fact: Hello Fresh and a very uncomfortable conversation with hubby are the reasons I don’t cook all the meals in my house anymore.

Learn New Cooking Techniques

It makes you a more confident cook. Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service and a cooking lesson in one! I am a baker, so there are a ton of cooking skills that I didn’t have until we began using Hello Fresh regularly.

Matt wasn’t much of a cook either, his skills ended at grilled cheese, omelettes and BBQ. (I got a very proud call from him the other day at lunch. He had impressed himself with his “chef-ing skills” which he credited to Hello Fresh and had to share.) 😂

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Outsource Meal Planning

I hate meal planning, Matt doesn’t meal plan so when we don’t use Hello Fresh we end up relying on a lot of frozen meals and less wholesome food than we would like when life gets busy.

Builds Your Recipe Repertoire

We now have a huge selection of recipes that we have tried and know we like. When we are having a dinner party I go through my Hello Fresh recipe cards and pull out our favourites, because trying a new recipe at a dinner party is a “recipe” for disaster. (Sorry, had to. 😘)

Less Food Waste

We don’t waste any food when we use Hello Fresh. Unlike when I normally grocery shop and then the salad liquifies in the fridge.

Less Grocery Shopping

I barely have to do any grocery shopping, I just have to order the staples because dinner is already solved. ✨

Hello Fresh Review: Reasons We Don’t Love Hello Fresh

Unhealthy Steps

They use a lot of mayo, salt and sugar in the recipes, I mean it tastes amazing but it all adds up. We have started using less than the recipe calls for to try and cut down on calories.

Very Basic Salads

They are very mindful of food costs, so often the side salads are only lettuce, a dressing and one vegetable. We almost always beef up the side salads with our own ingredients.


It’s a premium service and the cost adds up over time. Right now we are more budget conscious and have more capacity in our life, so we aren’t getting boxes every week. Although because of the great referral program you can earn credit toward your boxes.

Here is my referral code that will give you up to $130 in free food, with zero commitment. Hello Fresh Code for Free Groceries

I mean you’d be helping yourself and me if you went ahead of got that box filled with free food. Did I mention how much I hate meal planning? 😂

Iyla Coughlin sits on top of a Hello Fresh food delivery box on the front door step with a big smile on her face

Try Hello Fresh For Free – Seriously!

Click this link to get $130 worth of free food delivered to your door. Hello Fresh Code for Free Groceries

If you think this offer seems too good to be true, read more about “How To Get $130 Worth of Free Groceries”, here.

Do you have any questions about Hello Fresh or other meal delivery services? Drop them in the comments.


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