halloween baking with kids

The Pantry Item Every “Make It Epic Momma” Needs


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Okay, momma’s one day until Halloween. Does anyone else feel the annoying itch to provide epic holiday treats for every damn holiday?

I do, 100%.

Another of those pre-motherhood fantasies that I’ve learned are not realistic. This year I managed to talk myself off the cookie baking/decorating until mid-night ledge.

halloween baking with kids

Old Christine would have done it. New Christine knows when hubby is travelling for work she gets overwhelmed.

In an effort to not turn into a screechy bitch during the bedtime routine I remind myself constantly to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Not something I’ve ever been particularly good at. 

I had a plan though…. I had sugar cookie squares in the freezer that needed to be used. My kids don’t care if they are eating cute ghosts or pumpkin-shaped cookies, they just want cookies. 

Friday was a Pro-D day so we were going to decorate cookies together that would result in treats the kids could share at their Halloween parties. It was all kinds of brilliant. Except baking with kids never goes the way I envision it.

Baking With Kids

There is was yelling, a giant mess, sucking the icing straight of the piping bag and a husband who couldn’t keep his fingers out of the icing bowl.

The results were a frustratingly beautiful mix of very un-food-safe cookies, no treats to share with friends, some adorable photos, us having to eat all the cookies and very happy sugar-filled kids. I ran away to yoga that night. 

Hot Baking Tip

So, here is another hot baking tip for you! 

You can make anything spooky and Halloweenie by adding candy eyeballs—literally anything. I promise your kids will eat it up! They will be thrilled. You will be a hero. It is super easy! There is so much winning here. You’ll feel like an evil genius. 

You can get the eyeballs at Micheals, the grocery stores, even some dollar stores. I highly recommend keeping some in your pantry.

Candy Eye Balls to spookify your Halloween creations.

If you are the “Momma needs to make it epic” type, these will save your ass at some point. Stock up on them. 

Whip up some icing (or buy it) and stick those babies on anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s baked at home, store-bought or stolen from a friend’s Halloween party… what!? No shame, mommas!

The important thing is the kids are thrilled, and you aren’t broken. 

Do you enjoy baking with your kids?

Happy Halloween!


Originally posted to Instagram Oct 30, 2019

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