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Tatum Blize is a woman with big dreams, a fearless style, and a magnetic personality. In this interview, she shares how she navigates motherhood, fulfillment, career and her dream of becoming a Vancouver Fashion Stylist.

Tatum Blize, Beyond the Surface

Tatum and I met the way many connections are made these days… on Instagram. After chatting about personal style, she mentioned that she dreamt of becoming a Vancouver Personal Stylist one day. I “selflessly” offered myself as a guinea pig, and the rest, as they say, is history.

You can read more about my experience working with Tatum here: 7 Reasons You Should Work with a Stylist and How to Prepare. Coming soon.

I’m so grateful that Tatum and I took a leap of faith and moved our relationship off Instagram and into real life. She is a bright light who has found a way to feel fulfilled and has given herself a sense of security by contributing financially to her family while promoting self-confidence in women.  

Please allow me to introduce Tatum Blize, Beyond the Surface. I hope you enjoy her interview.


Who Is Tatum?

How would you like people to describe you?

I would love people to describe me as fun, inclusive, and your biggest cheerleader.

Have you always been so wonderfully confident? How? 

Sometimes I feel it, sometimes I fake it. Either way, I love being around people and love connection! Often that means being the one to make the first move. 

What did you do before having kids?

Before having kids, I worked in management at Earls’s restaurants for eight years. Where many of our friends and I met our partners. I learned a lot about business management with Earls and imparted many concepts into my Beautycounter business.

After my first son was born, I got my yoga certification (partly because I loved yoga and mostly as therapy). I taught yoga privately for a couple of years before Kowen was born.

Tatum On Motherhood

How old are your boys?

Our eldest, my bonus Caden is 20, Zakai is 10, Kowen is six and Teddy, my fur baby is 2.5 years old.

Are you a stay-at-home mom, hybrid mom or working mom?

I am a hybrid mom. I’ve run my Beautycounter business from home for the last seven years. 

What do you struggle with most in motherhood?

I struggle the most with remembering that my kids are individuals and need me in unique ways.

I also struggle with ‘knowing better than my husband when it comes to parenting. 😂 I mean, I DO know better, but I’ve got to let him think he’s involved, too, right? Jokes aside, I struggle with staying aligned with my husband when we approach certain topics differently.

Have you ever felt lost in motherhood?

I knew I lost myself once I found myself…does that make sense?? Once I became a Beautycounter consultant and started to put my time and energy into something OUTSIDE of my family, I realized how badly I needed it. I had a renewed sense of self, belonging, and drive that fuelled my fire. I truly believe that moms need something outside the home- it’s invaluable.

What piece of advice would you give to a new mom?

Do what’s best for you and your family. There are many opinions on how to parent, sleep training, co-sleeping etc. do the thing that works for you.

Also…even if it makes you feel guilty, see your friends, go to the spa, go to the gym, or take the damn nap. You deserve it. Yesssss!

Other than your children, what is the accomplishment you are most proud of?


1. Taking charge of my health when I was hospitalized for a random episode of hemolytic anemia. Against all odds, I brought myself back to top health in a short period. Trusting myself and my body was a powerful journey. 

2. I’m very proud to be a top leader at Beautycounter and one of the top BIPOC leaders in the company. I’ve recently partnered with HQ to strategize on diversifying the field of clean beauty.

Many people discredit network marketing as ‘not a real job’ and say it doesn’t work. I’m not perfect or the best leader, but I’ve managed to build my business into a multimillion-dollar organization by showing up consistently over the last seven years.


How do you care for yourself?

For myself, a non-negotiable is working out at least four times a week. I love walking my dog and singing in a gospel choir (check out Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir!)

My support team consists of a naturopath, a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, a therapist and a massage therapist. My board of directors (best friends!) is vital to my life- we believe in retail therapy and dancing. 

The Modern Day Village

Who makes up your village? 

My husband has supported me from day one and has never questioned my decision to build my business, take a work trip, or go out with my friends. He shares the workload and doesn’t complain. 

My parents are an incredible source of support for me. They are there anytime I need and, to my kids, they feel like an extension of me. 

I have many friends, but only a close group of besties I trust to keep me honest, not judge me, and give me advice even if it may not be what I want to hear. 

My Beautycounter family… these women have become the support group I never knew I needed. 

Tatum On Becoming a Vancouver Fashion Stylist

Have you always loved fashion?

Giiirrrrrl! Yes!!! I love that with fashion, you can express how you’re feeling, who you are, and your creativity (like I’m currently sitting at the hockey rink in a tie-dye sweatsuit, looking like a hot mess because that’s how I feel…still, it’s fashion. Lol) 

How long have you thought about being a fashion stylist?

Ummm… I would say about 2 years! But I’ve been doing it organically for many more for friends and family. 

After working together and trying on the fashion stylist hat, do you think it’s something you’d like to continue to pursue?

HARD. YES!!!!!! 

What’s your favourite trend in fashion right now?

I’m loving wide leg jeans and a chunky shoe. Also loving cowboy boots!

What do you think people often get wrong about their style?

That they can’t do it because they’re too old or not stylish enough. As long as you know how to dress for your body, so you feel comfortable and feel your best, who cares what others think?!

What are your five-year career goals?

I would love to establish myself as the go-to for clean beauty and helping moms confidently transition out of their lulus!

Words to Live By

Finish this sentence… my life motto is….

Have the most fun. PERIOD!

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Where Can People Find You?

On Instagram, @Tatum.Blize
Like To Know It, Tatum.Blize
Beautycounter, Shop Front

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