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Are Pinterest Moms the Enemy?


Christine Coughlin


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The dreaded Pinterest Moms, you know the ones. They craft all the things, bake everything from scratch and generally make everyone else feel like crap for not doing the same. So annoying, am I right?

The truth is from afar, and if you squint a little, I could be classified as a “Pinterest Mom,” so I’m here to offer another perspective. 

Pseudo Pinterest Mom

I’m fully aware that a “Pseudo Pinterest Mom” telling you to be nice to “Pinterest Moms” will be like nails on a chalkboard for some. 

So, let me tell you why I feel qualified to speak as a mediator between the “Pinterest Moms” and “Regular Moms.” 

  1. Where I excel at spending intense amounts of time baking, planning parties, and DIYing Halloween box costumes, my actual parenting skills are questionable.
  2. I’m very sweary. 
  3. From some angles, my home looks like it belongs in a magazine, yet in other rooms, you’ll find a log of shit that’s been floating in the toilet for several days and twenty-year-old carpets that are COVERED in purple slime.
  4. I’m basically a domestic underachiever whose ultimate dream in life, besides complete and total female empowerment, is to outsource all household chores.

Okay, enough about my credentials, back to discussing the true enemy here, “Pinterest Moms.” 

This is an excerpt from a contributor piece for Mom’s Beyond.

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