Vision Board 

Let's Get Crafty!

Vision Board Workshop

Let's Get Crafty!

Are you ready to gain the confidence of a woman who knows what she wants from life?

If you are tired of creating goals but not accomplishing them, join us for this Vision Board Workshop. Together, we will work to help each other manifest our dreams and design a life that reflects our deepest desires.

Let's combine the power of visualization with the joy of connecting and manifest our best lives!

Look out, 2024, we're coming for you!


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Networking and Connections: Connect with like-minded women with a growth mindset and big goals. 

Motivation and Inspiration: Having a visual representation of your goals can serve as a constant source of motivation and inspiration. When faced with challenges, looking at your vision board can remind you of your purpose and drive you to stay committed to your objectives. 

Positive Peer Pressure: Peer pressure isn't always negative. Being in the company of ambitious and optimistic women can be the fuel you need to push you to aim higher and pursue your goals with renewed vigor. 

A Fun and Creative Vision Boarding Workshop: Spend the evening getting crafty and leave with a tool that will continue to support you in achieving your goals. All supplies are included. 

✨ Door Prizes- Be entered to win one of two door prizes. 

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Townhall- Maple Ridge
Feb 22, 2024
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

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I'm the woman behind In-Between Events and YVR Creatives and I'll be your host on February 22nd.

After being a stay-at-home mom for a decade, I've worked hard to re-discover myself personally and professionally outside of motherhood. 

Vision boarding is one of the tools I used to help get me "unstuck," and I continue to use it to this day. The love is real. 😂

As women, we've often been conditioned to accept what is offered. Let's flip the script and ensure we plan our lives with intention led by our true desires and values. 

Please join us. 

xx Christine


See you there!

TownHall, Maple Ridge
Feb 22, 2024
6:30 pm 9:00 pm  

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Townhall, Maple Ridge
February 22, 2024
6:30 pm -  9:00 pm 


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