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Mom’s Mental Health- Bipolar 2


Breyen Wee



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I’ve got 99 problems but having bipolar 2 isn’t one… wait… ya it is.


I’m going to take a hot minute first to explain what bipolar 2 is and how I was diagnosed with it

It’s no secret that when I was 18 I’ve began going through intense bouts of depression. I tried meds, therapy all the natural things and I would get better. Sometimes I’d be better for a long time.

Then it would happen again. Then I’d get better. Then it would happen again … and again … and again

Fast forward to after my second daughter was born when the postpartum depression hit hard (that’s a whole other story you can read on my website). The cycles of wellness and depression became more pronounced. I would feel really good until I didn’t. 

I was scared because I never knew how long I’d have until I’d wake up one morning unable to get out of bed or take care of my kids. 

It wasn’t until I started seeing a psychiatrist (which are very difficult to get into see by the way!) who helped me recognize the patterns in my moods. 

Living with Bipolar 2

A few days before the depression hits I feel really good and that’s called hypomania. It’s feeling like I have more energy than usual, I’m uber motivated and productive and feel like doing all the things and sleeping less. Then I’ll wake up one morning and my mood will have CRASHED HARD.

After the depression lifts I can have a long period of wellness 

I recognize that I am fortunate and privileged to have been able to see a specialist and that I have access to the medication that keeps me well. 

On sharing this I hope to educate my audience on what bipolar 2 is and lessen the stigma even if it’s just a tiny bit

Peace, love and self-care 


Breyen is the mother of two daughters and a French immersion teacher specializing in teaching diversity and inclusion to kindergarten and grade one students. Her website is and you can find her on Instagram @ouimadamwee

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