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Anxiety, Is That You? 5 Coping Strategies


Christine Coughlin

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Hello, Old “Friend”,

I don’t remember inviting you to this party but let’s dance, shall we? 
I hear you. Whispering the world is ending, that I’m naive for sending the kids back to school and mocking my every word. 

I see you, mute my children’s voices as you fill my mind with your fears.

I yell through dinner, impatiently put the kids to bed, and avoid Matt’s eye contact because you demand all of my attention. 

I try to deny your existence by reviewing my blessings. You remind me that privilege doesn’t shield a person from Anxiety’s visit. 

5 Strategies for Coping with Anxiety

Here’s the new strategy for next time we cross paths.

👉🏻 I will label you to remind myself you are merely a temporary visitor and that you do not define me. 
👉🏻 I will find a safe place to speak about my worries because fear grows in the dark. ⁣

👉🏻 I will monitor what causes you to visit and adjust accordingly.
👉🏻 I’ve downloaded the Calm app, and I’m committed to adding in a meditation practice. Take that!! 🤺

👉🏻 I will remind myself constantly that “One conscious breath in and out is a meditation” -Eckhart Tolle. ⁣

Does Anxiety visit you? What are some of your coping strategies?⁣

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